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                  Automation Series

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                  Automation Series

                  ARH Heavy Duty Servo Robot
                  • ARH Heavy Duty Servo Robot
                  • Product Description
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                    • Product Name:ARH Heavy Duty Servo Robot

                    Category:Automation Series

                    Feature: Frame structure, and sub-arm is optional. 

                    Drive: 1-axis Servo Series, X axis and Y axis are pneumatic. 

                    Suitable: Moulds aren’t required to be changed frequently, longer cycle time, and high precision

                    Optional accessories: Pneumatic C axis and Clamp Group

                    Model ARH1100DW/T1100 ARH1300DW/T1300 ARH1500DW
                    Recommended IMM(Ton) 350~550 400~700 650~1100
                    Traverse Stroke(mm) 1800 2040 2200
                    Vertical Stroke(mm) 1100 1300 1500
                    Crosswise Stroke(mm) M:300 S:200/M:780 M:400  S:200/M:900 M:500  S:200
                    Drive SystemAC Servo Motor     
                    Take Out Time(sec) 2 3 4
                    Dry Cycle Time(sec) 18 20 22
                    Power of Traverse Servo (kW)
                    1(1Φ 220VAC)
                    1.5(1Φ 220VAC)
                    Power of 3-Axis Servo (kW)
                    2.5(1Φ 220VAC)
                    3.5(1Φ 220VAC)
                    Working Pressure(kg/c㎡) 5±1 Kg/c㎡
                    Air Consumption(NI/Cycle) 75 80 85
                    Max.Load(kg) 12 12 30
                    Net Weight(kg) 350 400 800

                    We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

                    • Download1&2&3 Axis Servo Robot - ARH Heavy Duty Series.pdf
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