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                  Mixing and Separating Series

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                  Mixing and Separating Series

                  VCM Volumetric Doser
                  • VCM Volumetric Doser
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                    • Product Name:VCM Volumetric Doser

                    Category:Mixing and Separating Series

                    Controlled by microcontroller, and consists of LCD screen and keyboard.

                    Simple operating system interface with troubleshooting function.

                    Equipped with imported brushless gear motor that is free from maintenance.

                    Conveying accuracy is between 1% and 5%.

                    Store up to 50 recipes.

                    Automatically stops and alarms for material shortage (optional), jammed conveyor, and overloaded motor.

                    Modularized structure for easy installation, maintenance and replacement.

                    Chrome-plated auger is reliable.

                    2 ports for external inputs (i.e. injection molding machine and extruder machine).

                    There are 2 sizes of auger available for different output requirement.

                    Cleaning function can discharge residual materials.

                    All series can be optionally equipped with blender for better mixing materials.

                    Single colour volumetric doser



                    Motor power (W)50
                    Speed (rpm)3000
                    Mix power (W)90
                    Auger diameter8162024
                    Capacity (kg/h)0.1~1.50.1~1.50.1~1.50.1~1.5
                    Hopper volume (L)10

                    Note:1.The data above is obtained from masterbatch with bulk density 0.8kg/dm3 and diameter 2mm.

                    2.Auger outer diameter is customizable.

                    Power supply: 1Φ 220VAC 50Hz

                    We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

                    • DownloadVolumetric Doser-VCM SERIES.pdf
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