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                  The Competition Of Domestic Plastic Auxiliary Equipment Is Expending Gradually


                  According to the analysis, Chinese plastic auxiliary equipment as an important part of plastic machinery and expanding our market step by step. In the domestic market, plastic auxiliary equipment industry becomes more and more competitive.


                  Plastic machinery is main part of plastic processing, while the auxiliary machine is catalyzer for high efficiency.Plastic auxiliary equipments has become important technology and equip of the national economy, and is supporting special equipment in strategic emerging industries. China's plastics industry is rapid developing of rising stage in a variety of good opportunities with stimulus, even if economic growth is facing downward pressure. The plastic machinery consist of three categories of products, extruder, injection, extrusion production and blow molding line, which accounted for more than 80% of the total value output of plastic machinery, Following the three categories of products ,plastic auxiliary machinery gradually compete market share.


                  At present, the overwhelming domestic manufacturers' technology is still uneven, even specification varieties are in the same range. Wensui plastic established for 26 years, covers plastic crusher, hopper dryer, autoloader, plastic mixer, blender ,water chiller,mold temperature controller, the central material handling system and central water feeding system. As the one-stop base for all plastic auxiliary equipment, convenience for purchasing and after-sale service.


                  Good prospects of plastic processing industry will be source of Chinese plastic machinery industry’s rapid development. Chinese plastic machinery has great potential. Especially for high-tech, good performance, relatively modest price machines.Such as large, precision, special injection molding machine, low temperature, high-power single screw extruder, etc. have good development prospects.

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