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                  About Wensui

                  • future

                    Wen Sui in the future on the road

                    Explore the global market on the road, Sui will continue full of enthusiasm to go on

                  • 2020


                    2020年   “全自动口罩耳线焊接机”

                  • 2018

                    A new business was founded.

                    "Good Labour Relationship in Guangzhou"

                    "Top 100 Private and Innovative Enterprise" 

                    in Panyu


                  • 2017文穗升级

                    2017 Wiscon was founded

                  • 2016年文穗集团

                    Received "Famous Brand in Guangdong" 

                    and Many products were certified "Hi-tech in Guangdong"

                  • 2015

                    2015 Wen Sui Group

                    The introduction of processing travel up to 5 meters processing center, as well as laser cutting machine;

                    5,000 square foot expansion of the material transit point.

                  • 2014

                    Number of patents awarded

                    He won a number of utility model patents, to introduce robotic machining equipment.

                    To enhance the processing capacity

                  • 2013

                    New technology enterprises in Guangdong Province won the title

                  • 2012

                    2012   Wensui produced 5 Axis High Precision Servo Robot in batches. 

                    The all-electric N serial Rotary Servo Robot which was dedicated to take out quickly was developed successfully. 

                    Wensui won the title of Technological Private Enterprise in Guangzhou.

                  • 2011

                    2011 Casemate Structure 3 Axis Servo revealed. 

                    Wensui Brand was voted as a Famous Brand in Guangzhou,

                    And was voted as an Exemplary Company of Chinese Credit Enterprise Certification System. 

                  • 2010

                    2010   The second generation Wensui Robot was launched,

                    which won the Top Ten Most Influential Brands of “Tiangongzun” and User Satisfaction Product in Guangzhou.

                  • 2008

                    Wensui’s industrial products certified the CE security in 2008.

                  • 2007

                    A new chapter started in Auxiliary Machine in 2007. 

                    New products revealed including, Rotary Servo Robot,Small Inverter Traverse Robot, Automatic Conveyor Belt, and Vertical Transporter.

                  • 2005

                    Products to enhance

                    Auxiliary developing Europeanization series, increases the central feeding system, dehumidifiers, measuring mixers and other high-end models.

                  • 2003

                    Wen Sui production base relocation

                    Production base moved to Guangzhou Panyu.

                    Plant area expanded to 20,000 square feet.

                  • 2002

                    Wen Sui, get professional quality certification

                    Wensui’s industrial products passed the ISO 9001-2000 Certification in 2002.

                  • 2000

                    Product range expansion

                    increase die temperature.

                    Chiller series.

                  • 1998 WenSui plant expansion

                    1998 WenSui plant expansion

                    Product range includes

                    Dryer, crusher, blending machine, suction machine

                  • Wensui was established in1990

                    Wensui was established in1990

                    And since then led the plastics industry to prosperity.

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